1,500 MILES on foot



Landing in Mongolia

The Expedition plans to arrive in the capital city of  Ulaanbaatar the second week of June 2013.  They will spend several days in the capital making final arrangements.  The team must meet with the Ministry of Tourism and representatives from the military to talk though the emergency evac plan.  In the case of a life threatening emergency, the quickest way to a hospital is by military plane or helicopter.  Once final preparations have been made the team will send the support vehicles ahead and the rest of the team will fly to the western city of Olgii.





Starting Line

Once they have arrived in the Western city of Olgii the team will rendezvous with the drivers who will have made the 3 day drive from UB (Ulaanbaatar).  The remote city of Olgii only has 10,000 people and surrounded by hundreds of square miles of wilderness.  At 7,000 ft. the city of Olgii sits in the mountains over a mile above sea level.  This is where Brian will put shoes to dirt road.




The Expedition will travel with Brian as he covers 48km (30 miles) a day.  He will run six days a week and rest one.  The expedition will camp along the route, which will be mostly dirt and unimproved roads.  Along the way the team will visit villages, schools, and churches to share an inspirational message of hope and love.   The towns will be few and far between so the expedition must be self supporting.

The biggest challenge will be feeding the 12 member expedition.  The team will eat lots of staples like beans, rice, and bread.  Their diet will be supplemented with fresh wild game meat hunted and prepared by the local expedition cook.  The team may eat game like, deer, goat, “prairie rat”, lamb, or even horse.  Because of the enormous exertion, Brian will burn upwards of 8,000 calories a day and require extra calories from supplemental nutrition.




After several weeks and over 1,000 km of running the team will return to the capital of UB.  While in UB the team will focus on the main purpose of the expedition.  They will distribute basic supplies like coats, shoes, and vitamins to the over 3,000 homeless orphans living beneath the city streets.  With hugs, smiles and a demonstration of love the team will show these children that they have not been forgotten and that they are valuable.

This will be a welcome change of pace for the expedition.  The team will enjoy simple pleasures like hot showers and a real bed that the relatively modern city of UB has to offer.  After several days of recovery, the team will prepare to leave for the Eastern border.



East Bound to the border

The Eastern portion of Mongolia is an immense barren landscape.  After difficult mountainous travel for several weeks,  the expedition will face the vast open terrain of the Northern edge of the Gobi desert.  The biggest challenge Brian faced in the mountains was the physical demands on the body.  The biggest challenge he will face as the expedition moves east will be the soul crushing monotony of endless flat roads stretched out before him.




Finish Line

After running 850km from UB, the expedition will reach the finish line of the frontier town of Choibalsan.  With a population of only 5,000 people Choibalsan clings to life in one of the most remote parts of the world.  After confirming the distance with the Guinness book of World Records for the FIRST persons to run across Mongolia, Brian and his family will fly back to UB and the rest of the Expedition will make the 2 day drive back.

Once the goal of running boarder to border, a journey of over fifteen hundred miles, has been accomplished the team will travel back to Ulaanbaatar to say goodbyes to the beautiful people of Mongolia then head back to the United States.  The total time in Mongolia will be seven to eight weeks.