Sponsor a mile:  $30  

Each mile sponsored helps provide the over 3,000 abandoned children of Mongolia with necessities like coats, shoes and vitamins, as well as make the AME expedition and it’s work possible. Feel free to sponsor several miles, there are lots of them.


Purchase a permanent home:  $1600

Purchase a Ger (tent home) for the children to move into in a Ger village just outside the city. 1 Ger can sleep 6 children, they receive an education, food and a warm bed to sleep in. 1 Ger costs only $1600 US dollars.


Partner: Strong to the Finish

Partner with Brian and the mission and vision of Strong to the Finish by making a commitment for monthly support for the
life-changing message of hope that will be spread across the globe.


All donations are 100% tax deductible and payments are safe and secure.

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