Ready for launch!

July 13, 2013 by brianhunter

Two years of dreaming, planning,praying, sweating, and it all comes down to this.  This will be our last state-side blog post until we return at the end of September.  Our phones have been blowing up with good-byes and well wishes.  Our base of support (which extends all over the country) will be a tremendous source of strength.

We fly from Chicago to Beijing today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow night we have an overnight stay in Beijing (hope they have a Panda Express).  On July 15th we fly into UB.  After a day or two of visiting the orphans and registering with the U.S. consulate, we will take another plane out to the far western border town of Olgii where I dramatically transform into Forest Gump and start running.

Some of you have asked about my ankle injury (see previous blog post) I sustained last week.  The bad news is, it is the worst foot injury I have ever had.  It had been very tender, and swollen.  The good news is, It’s doing much better!  I have been alternating heat and cold for the past week.  I haven’t run much, but I have been eating A LOT.  I would like to have put on an extra 10+ pounds but I only managed to gain 6 lbs.  Over the course of 2 months I’ll probaly lose more than 20lbs, which for me is no bueno.

Big News

Brian farm is Coming with us!  they will document the journey and produce a film about the odyssey.  Don’t rush to Netflix anytime soon.  It will probably be at least 14-16 months before you can start the popcorn.



Thank you everyone for all your support, prayers, and love.  See you on the other side! check our daily progress at




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