Not to worry

July 10, 2013 by brianhunter

So, the other day I went on a ride to switch up the training and while on the bike I was stretching and I cranked something in my right ankle. I didn’t even notice the first day but for the last two days it’s been very tender and swollen. I can fully put weight on it and I went for a short run today but Dr. Lissa said take it easy. Alternating heat and cold have been doing the trick.


At first I was super bummed about this little setback but I quickly realized “life” gives us setbacks all the time. We can’t choose when they happen But we Can chose how to respond. I want to force myself to run through the pain, but the voice of wisdom says wait and rest. Sometimes the quickest way forward is to stop and wait.
In sports medicine they talk about a treatment for a sprain or strain called R.I.C.E
Ice [and heat]

Next time you get a sprain in life try what I do;
Rest- in The Lord. Instead of striving just quiet your heart and mind by focusing on how awesome he is.
Inquire- of The Lord. Your setback is not a surprise to him. Don’t waste your time by asking “why”. He doesn’t have to tell you. A better question to ask is, “how do you want me to respond?”
Consecrate- set yourself apart. Don’t let the setback upset you. Make a decision to surrender yourself to God’s plan for your life.
Engage- your mouth to only speak positive words. Only allow encouraging, uplifting, words of praise to come out of your mouth. Praise God for his nature, character, and his promises. As you line up your mouth with God’s truth your setback will turn into a stepping stone for your next victory!



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