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Well, we made it!  1,500 miles, 8 pairs of shoes, 6 giant jars of peanut butter, and countless lives impacted.  I had originally planned to update the blog during the expedition but as it turns out we only found 3 places in all of Mongolia that had free wifi.  Not to mention I was a little occupied.  The following is a brief update of the Expedition: July 17th  We landed in Ulanbaator, Mongolia. We spent a full day at the Children’s Place Orphanage where we got to see how they were using the donations we sent over. They had an old cook stove that they used to cook 3 meals a day for over 35 people and were anxiously awaiting the new 8-burner stove and double oven…

Two years of dreaming, planning,praying, sweating, and it all comes down to this.  This will be our last state-side blog post until we return at the end of September.  Our phones have been blowing up with good-byes and well wishes.  Our base of support (which extends all over the country) will be a tremendous source of strength. We fly from Chicago to Beijing today and tomorrow.  Tomorrow night we have an overnight stay in Beijing (hope they have a Panda Express).  On July 15th we fly into UB.  After a day or two of visiting the orphans and registering with the U.S. consulate, we will take another plane out to the far western border town of Olgii where I dramatically transform into Forest Gump and…

So, the other day I went on a ride to switch up the training and while on the bike I was stretching and I cranked something in my right ankle. I didn’t even notice the first day but for the last two days it’s been very tender and swollen. I can fully put weight on it and I went for a short run today but Dr. Lissa said take it easy. Alternating heat and cold have been doing the trick. At first I was super bummed about this little setback but I quickly realized “life” gives us setbacks all the time. We can’t choose when they happen But we Can chose how to respond. I want to force myself to run through the pain, but…

This expedition could not happen without the support of friends and family. Brian and Lissa are traveling with their children, whom have also raised money themselves with lemonaide stands to help bring some toys to the children in the orphanges as well. See Selah and friends with their recent accomplishments.  

I feel like I am awake in my own dream. Two years of praying, dreaming, planning, and training is about to come to fulfillment. This week is JAMMED with last minute shopping, Skype calls to Mongolia, and saying our good-byes. By the end of the week we should have our tracking map up on our website so you can keep tabs on us!

I am making this quick post from my phone to make sure things are working smooth! Stay tuned to this blog, we will post all trip updates here! Soon you will be able to track the progress of the expedition on our special google map embedded in this site.

reposted: Holly Collingwood: Running for the children of Mongolia Expand Photo Holly Collingwood, Greeley Moms blogger Expand Photo Brian Hunter (Photo: Holly Collingwood Age: 39 Family: Married with three children, ages 3, 5 and 7 Occupation: Stay at home mom by day and freelance writer for Collingwood Writing Services by night. Our family also owns ProActive Physical Therapy and Exercise Center. About: I was born and raised in Alaska, which gave me an appreciation for all things independent. My first journal intrigued me at about the age of 8 and I don’t think I’ve stopped writing since then. I like hot tea, amazing children’s books, good jeans, traveling and eating out (neither of which we do very often). If you want to know more,…

Coming this summer is the expedition of a lifetime for the Hunter Family. ONE MAN, with the support of his family, will RUN 1,500 miles across Mongolia this June/July, 2013.  They are raising awareness and will distribute necessities to over 3,000 homeless CHILDREN living beneath the city streets in manholes in the capital city of Ulaanbaator, and deliver a message of HOPE and LOVE!


Running 1500 miles Across Mongolia for the Children.

The Capital city of Mongolia is Ulaan Baator (UB).  The collapse of Communism in the 90′s devastated all the soviet block countries.  Among the hardest hit nations was Mongolia.  With 90% of the country’s population living in the capital city, the pull out of communism created economic turmoil for many families in Ulaan Baator.  The real victims of this tragedy are the thousands of children jettisoned by their parents who could no longer afford to care for them.

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